HAU2, Liteside Festival Amsterdam, Tafelhalle Nürnberg

Kadir Memis alias Amigo is particularly known for his work as a Hip Hop choreographer with the group “E*Motion”. Their piece “2nd ID” was invited to the event Tanzplattform 2008 and afterwards toured all over Germany and Europe. In 2009, he also developed the duet “Zeybreak” as a co-production together with Ballhaus Naunynstraße, which was described as “Breakdance having finally grown up”. His latest group performance “Hüzün” deals with the role of man in patriarchal societies. Within a decisive side thread of a story, Kadir Memis also deals with the specifically Turkish state of mind of “Hüzün”, which can be translated as the emotion of tristesse. However, Hüzün also represents a collective melancholia, which is primarily a constituent part of Turkish sense of music, a form of poetry and approach to life.

Starting with his own biography, Amigo reflects the different steps of becoming a man in life between Germany and Turkey, which he perceives as a state of constant melancholy. Together with an ensemble of dancers, actors and musicians of different ages and nationalities, he finds the underlying cause of this question, while Hip Hop as a transnational culture poses as the focal point.

Choreography and concept: Kadir Memis alias Amigo
Acting: Cetin Ipekkaya / Serpil Simsek / Natascha Paulick
Dance: Andrea Böge / Louis Becker / Kadir Memis
Rap: Bektas Turhan
Music : Nevzat Akpinar / Andreas Weiser
Light design: Roger Irman
Stage design: Andrej von Schlippe
Dramaturgy: Zula Lemes
Composition: Nevzat Akpinar & Vincent von Schlippenbach (Dj Illvibe )
Assistant director: Natascha Paulick
Costumes: Floriana Gavriel
Text adaptation: Hülya Karci
Video: Rain Kencana
Head of production: Joachim Goldschmidt

Hüzün is a co-production with HAU Berlin and was funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

Foto Credit: Nadja Klier