Junge Oper (young opera) Stuttgart

With musicians of the state orchestra, actors and dancers

A soldier sells his violin and his soul to the devil to obtain a magic book, which both predicts the future and brings him great wealth.

Musicians of the state orchestra, the actor Thomas Kellner as narrator, soldier and devil, as well as the dancer Kadir “Amigo” Memis, who has developed a style of his own between Hip Hop and expressive dance, together play Igor Strawinsky’s fascinating piece of traveling theater.

Holger Koch (violin), Michael Sistek (c            ontrabass), Stefan Jank (clarinet), Ulrich Hermann (bassoon), Andreas Spannbauer (trumpet), Bernhard Leitz (trombone), Christoph Wiedmann (drums)

June 29th 2012, 7 p.m.


Musical direction: Stefan Schreiber,
Stage direction: Barbara Tacchini,
Stage: Benno Brösicke, Kerstin Hägele,
Costumes:Kerstin Hägele
Narrator / soldier: Thomas Kellner,
Devil (choreography and dance): Kadir "Amigo" Memis,

Musicians of the state orchestra Stuttgart

Foto Credits for Gecshichte von Solfaten :  A.T. Schaefer