• THE HAUS - Berlin Art Bang

    An artwork for mortality

    Dope, brilliant, fresh and bizarre art concepts from various artists in an abandoned bank building on one of Berlin’s most famous streets: the Kudamm. That’s the idea behind THE HAUS, the Berlin Art Bang, that is going to blow our minds from April 2017 - even that much that Berlins Senator of Culture and Europe, Dr. Klaus Lederer, took this project under his aegis. The uniqueness of THE HAUS isn’t in the simple fact of it’s existing, but the limitation. THE HAUS will be created to be destroyed.
    More than 100 local, national and international artists of different style directions gather to create a parallel universe in the center of Berlin’s commercial-heart. Every artist or crew gets one room that will then experience a metamorphosis. We’ve only one frame and one aim. The frame is the room. The aim is creating something that is so mind blowing, that viewers are forced to tell others about it.
    The building in which THE HAUS will be created has been provided by the Cologne-based project developers PANDION. “When the artists approached us with the idea of THE HAUS, we were immediately enthusiastic about the concept and are very excited for the realization on site”, said Mathias Groß, branch manager of PANDION Berlin.
    In August 2017, the building is going to be demolished and THE HAUS,
    including every single artwork will disappear in mortality. Following the demolition of the building, the Cologne-based company is going to develop PANDION THE WEST with 75 condos and two retail units. Before this happens, all participating artists are invited to act as the final enemy of the old building and breathe life into it for the very last time. In the time between the finalization of THE HAUS and the demolition of the building, THE HAUS will be a temporary art gallery open for everybody who really wants to experience art and memorable moments.









  • fs-1993

    Flying Steps 1993

    Mikel /  Vartan / Amigo / Ali / Birol


    wurde 1993 in Berlin von Vartan Bassil und Kadir „Amigo“ Memis gegründet.
    Flying Steps sind eine der erfolgreichsten Urban Dance-Crews weltweit und begeistern seit Jahren mit
    atemberaubenden Shows und einzigartigen Choreographien. Aktuell sind Flying Steps mit ihrer erfolgreichen
    Show Red Bull Flying Bach - bei der sie Klassik mit Urban Dance vereinen - auf Welttour. Mit ihrer einzigartigen
    und innovativen Übersetzung von Bachs „Wohltemperiertem Klavier“, sprengen sie die Grenzen zwischen
    Hoch- und Jugendkultur und faszinierten bereits 200.000 Zuschauer weltweit. 2010 wurde die
    aussergewöhnliche Show zudem mit dem ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis ausgezeichnet.
    Im März 2014 feiern die Flying Steps
    zudem die Premiere ihrer neuen Produktion Red Bull Flying Illusion im Berliner Tempodrom.
    Die Show geht daraufhin auf Deutschlandtournee.




  • safe_image

    TED X Bahcesehir in Istanbul

    Organizasyon, alanında uzman insanların mesajını milyonlara ulaştıran etkileyici,

    düşündürücü bir o kadar da eğlenceli bir etkinlik. Bu yıl yapılacak TEDx Bahçeşehir

    organizasyonun içeriği ise “Değişim”.

    Bu sene dinleyeceğimiz isimler şöyle;

    Barış Özcan, Kadir Memiş, Berke Sarpaş, Cem Seymen, Esra Öz,

    Cihan Nalbant, Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz, Yaman Ömer Erzurumlu,

    Enes Kutluca, Alper Almelek.


  • Funkin_Stylez_Logo_pos_RZ

    Funkin' Stylez

    In 2004, Takao Baba and Kadir “Amigo” Memis organised the event in Düsseldorf for the first time. They followed their passion for urban dance styles, and developed since then innovative concepts as the 5 vs. 5 mix-style World Team Battle – which is an original, and often copied, concept by Funkin’ Stylez.

    Funkin’ Stylez was the first urban dance battle event in Germany, that brought different dance styles and formats together. Meanwhile Funkin´Stylez became to one of the biggest urban dance events in Germany and celebrates the 11th anniversary this year. The 5 vs. 5 Mixstyle World Team Battle concept is an original concept of Funkin’ Stylez which got so popular, that many other events are using the same concept. In 2008 Funkin’ Stylez was one of the first Hip Hop battle events that introduced Voguing to Germany and Europe. Since 2013 international qualifications are carried out in different categories. The Funkin´Stylez event is made up of „Funkin’ Stylez Qualifier Tour 2012“, „Funkin’ Stylez Only the strong“ and „Funkin’ Stylez World Team Battle“.  Last year the new category „Funkin’ Stylez Herokidz“ Junior Battle for dancers under 16 years was introduced.














    Combines Dance, Music and Writing.

    The project was born in Tokyo, where well-known dancer Amigo  and Ritsche & Zast

    were taking part of an Berlin Street Art exhibition at the Tokyo Wondersite Gallery. DESTAN is the Turkish word

    for "epos". Each of the artists is telling a story with his own artform. At the same time, one story is told together. Since

    Amigo is of Turkish origin, it's also about oriental roots, oriental music and art combined with Berlin urban styles.

     In the future several videos are going to be released also featuring drummer Christian Marien,

    who recently has been added to the project.

    Ritsche Zast & Marien : http://ritschezast.com/




    im Pergamonmuseum Berlin

    ... Am Freitagabend hatte man einen besonderen Veranstaltungsort gewählt. Die 1250 Jahre alte Wüstenschlossfassade im Mschatta-Saal des Pergamonmuseums bietet eine imposante Kulisse für die genreübergreifende Performance „Seyahat – Eine Reise“. Sieben Künstler präsentieren ein Programm, das orientalische Klänge mit modernem Tanz und performativem Zeichnen verbindet. Trompeter Ritsche Koch und Drummer Christian Marien liefern minimalistische jazzige Improvisationen, zu denen der großartige Kadir Memis tanzt und dabei traditionelle Tänze wie den türkischen Zeybek mit Einflüssen aus Hip-Hop und Breakdance verbindet. Mithilfe eines Tagtools – einem eigens modellierten Projektor – werfen Thomas Bratzke und Markus Dorninger Zeichnungen mit wechselnden Mustern und Farben an die Wände. Gemeinsam spielen sich die jungen Künstler in eine minutenlange Trance, der auch der Zuschauer verfällt. Immer wieder steigert sich die Performance von meditativ langsamen Passagen bis in orgiastische Intermezzi. Schließlich trägt Nevzat Akpinar seine klassischen türkischen Kompositionen auf der Baglama vor. Erfrischender können Kunst- und Kulturtraditionen nicht fusionieren.

    21.08.2010 17:24 Uhr | Von Florian Zimmer-Amrhein / Tagesspiegel




    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlaoIt1hCDE
  • Carlos Mare | Physical Graffiti








    Carlos Mare, best known as the subway graffiti writer Mare139 (short for ‘Nightmare’), is not just a conventional graffiti artist. His roots lie deep in the foundations of the New York City graffiti scene. Appointed Cultural Ambassador by the US State Department, Mare knows how to flex all of his artistic muscles. An innovative sculptor, designer, media artist and NYU scholar in residence, he reinterprets his knowledge and skills to inspire, create and educate. After Mare used his graffiti lettering styles and adapted them to metal sculpture, he was asked to design and create the award for the annual BET/Black Enterntainment Awards, and collaborated with Via Spiga to design the packaging of their shoeboxes.

    Back in June 2012, AVGDE visited Carlos Mare’s first Germany debut solo show – dubbed “Physical Graffiti” – at Skalitzer Gallery in Berlin (check out the video interview at the end of this article). After Skalitzers’ Kelly Reiffer bought one of Mare’s B-Boy works at Martha Cooper’s ‘Remix’ last year in Los Angeles, she got into contact with Stormie Mills, who is a fellow ‘Agent of Change‘ along with Mare and Jaybo Monk. Other than absolutely being in love with his work, Skalitzers found it important to show Mare’s work, as he was part of the New York graffiti movement during the 1970s-80s golden era and still continues to be part of the New York scene. Doing things a bit differently than most galleries, Skalitzer’s gives their exhibiting artists the chance to be reactive towards their time in Berlin  in order to get the best results for the final show, which is why they don’t plan too much of the show in advance.

    But what is Physical Graffiti? If you put B-Boy dance, cubism, futurism, hip hop culture and graffiti in a blender! Mare’s works seem at first simple. Simplicity created with just a few lines on paper. But if the eyes follow the lines, the lines begin to move. Suddenly the simple lines take on shape and bodily movements, such as folding arms, moving forward and crossing the legs become evident.

    AVGDE got the chance to observe Mare and Flying Steps founder Amigo experiment on a new study. Amigo’s animated moves seemed to have caught Mare off guard. You could see and feel the intensity of Mare exploring the moves and finding a way to translate them onto paper. He was tossing one drawing after another to the side, and asked Amigo to hold a freeze. It seemed to be an emotional process for him. Amigo’s dance moves were new and open. He has been experimenting with fusing hip hop element with traditional turkish dance. For Mare, it was very different drawing him, as he was noticing how his hands, eyes and lines moved differently. Knowing all the B-Boying moves by heart, his trained eye had a difficult time at first to calculate how Amigo’s dance moves would end.

    After pausing their session, both looked at the drawings together and then work on the right pose and finding the right intention of the body. Seeing Amigo and Mare pour over the sketches, discussing the breaks, the lines and the structure was like witnessing two scientists who just invented a new formula. In the end, both understood each other’s intentions. Finally, when Amigo held a freeze, Mare was able to “capture the geometry” and the intention in his dance, and Amigo took Mares input and interpreted it into his dancing.


    Note: Special thanks to filmmaker Marco Woldt and Skalitzers Contemporary Art!
    All photos by ©Zaza Weissgerber 






    Incredible Work of a known french Street Artist and Fotographer !

     Thank you for this JR! It's a pleasure to tell you, that JR paste my Fathers Hand

    ( A West coast sign in the East Berlin ) and get my Father

    to be a part of Berlin's History.

    Where to find: Invalidenstrasse 112

                                                                             jr_vaters-hand                                                                         Foto Credit: JR

    On the Beat -  Report:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHkv2_L_nrY