THE HAUS - Berlin Art Bang

An artwork for mortality

Dope, brilliant, fresh and bizarre art concepts from various artists in an abandoned bank building on one of Berlin’s most famous streets: the Kudamm. That’s the idea behind THE HAUS, the Berlin Art Bang, that is going to blow our minds from April 2017 - even that much that Berlins Senator of Culture and Europe, Dr. Klaus Lederer, took this project under his aegis. The uniqueness of THE HAUS isn’t in the simple fact of it’s existing, but the limitation. THE HAUS will be created to be destroyed.
More than 100 local, national and international artists of different style directions gather to create a parallel universe in the center of Berlin’s commercial-heart. Every artist or crew gets one room that will then experience a metamorphosis. We’ve only one frame and one aim. The frame is the room. The aim is creating something that is so mind blowing, that viewers are forced to tell others about it.
The building in which THE HAUS will be created has been provided by the Cologne-based project developers PANDION. “When the artists approached us with the idea of THE HAUS, we were immediately enthusiastic about the concept and are very excited for the realization on site”, said Mathias Groß, branch manager of PANDION Berlin.
In August 2017, the building is going to be demolished and THE HAUS,
including every single artwork will disappear in mortality. Following the demolition of the building, the Cologne-based company is going to develop PANDION THE WEST with 75 condos and two retail units. Before this happens, all participating artists are invited to act as the final enemy of the old building and breathe life into it for the very last time. In the time between the finalization of THE HAUS and the demolition of the building, THE HAUS will be a temporary art gallery open for everybody who really wants to experience art and memorable moments.