OFF THE GRID – AV LIVE DANCE PERFORMANCE Tofa feat. Amigo at Tanzhafenfestival Linz – 10.2022

OFF THE GRID is an audiovisual dance performance which had its premiere at Tanzhafenfestival Linz in 2022.

The show breaks with conventional patterns, geometric shapes meet movement, static boundaries are broken and fill the space with emotions.

The pure body language of Kadir Amigo Memis deforms the visual  space, rethinking the grid, reconstructing, a clash of creating and destroying in momentum.

OFF THE GRID visualizes the body in empty space and provides a metaphor for breaking out of rigid habits. Together, Amigo and Tofa created a feeling of limitlessness to form a metamorphosis.

The 21 minute long artperformance was packed with clean minimalized mapping projections, sound- and visual-wise shaping a dystopic micro-universe that reflects our daily confrontation with the digital overkill.

Coming up with an eclectic dance performance, Amigo was diving into another dimension, being sucked into the digital grid, but still finding escape doors by his own body language, visually symbolized by different exit situations.

Over the years our paths crossed in projects like Backjumps, we collaborated in Tokio and had amazing lightpainting session together and we also share the same interests in urban art, graffiti and calligraphy.

With the chance of creating a new media art project together, Tanzhafenfestival Linz gave us a great stage and opportunity to develop something outside the box to deliver something fresh that is OFF THE GRID.”

The metaphor of resilience through artistic reinterpretation and the balanced handling of digital worlds became a brilliant performance.

The second part of artistic collaboration was coming first in the festivals program: BOUZUQ∑∑ – a live painting and dance performance by Amigo which I underlined with soundscapes to processes the history of Berlin’s Jazzstylecorner, taking the audience on a journey of discovery of urban culture influences, hip hop and graffiti.

Dance, costumes, painting and sound are based on the principle developed by RAMMELLZ∑∑ of taking the collage and sum of various materials to the extreme to the point of iconoclasm. From the abstraction of the letter to the abstraction of a lettristic organism, this performance became an explosive painting of movement, color and music. The live iintuition mixed with your own biography and thereby wrote a new story.