After long studies of anatolian dances I developed my dance piece „ZEyBreak“ in 2008. With the support of  Abdürrahim Karademir  (EGE Üniversitesi Izmir) I had been invited to sit in „folk dance class“ training. For „ZeyBreak“ I blended Zeybek dance with Breaking / Popping  elements. Especially Zeybek dance has a lot in common with Breaking Culture. For example both dances take place in a circle. Both dance forms deal with masculinity, pride and recognition. (of course you are free to develop your own interpretation or even dare to deconstruct) There are a lot of dance figures in Zeybek dance that can work as a optimal interface with breaking. Exactly here the real work as an intermediate and translator between both dance cultures begins for me.

2014-2016 Red Bull Anadolu Break i just follow this Idea of Zeybreak in the next Level. I had a Chance  to mix new traditional dances with Urban dance. With this this Project find a big interest in Turkey. But after the attacts happend in Istanbul we stop this Project..

TEDx Istanbul Bahçeşehir über Zeybreak, 2016