Adrain Nabi from Backjumps asked me to create a memorial for the passed Graffiti Writers from Berlin. He gave me all the Names and the size of at he canvas. After thinking about how to realize this i get an inspiration of the Buddhist art paintings of my friend “Otgo Ershuu Otgonbayar”. This should be a very sensitiv piece what is respecting and memorising those 72 Artists. So i made each name with only one breath – while exhaling. 72 Breaths/72 Names. We called it “Asemic72“.  Is was exhibit at the Backjumps corner. Thank you for your trust in me and arts.



Non-conformist Approaches to the Arts and the City Exhibition – Symposium – Book Fair – Memorial Opening: Wednesday, 14. September 2022, 6-9 PM Venue: Kühlhaus Berlin, Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin (U Gleisdreieck) Running time: 15.– 25. September 2022, Thursday–Sunday, 12AM–6 PM (Guided tours are also possible outside of the opening hours according to previous arrangement) Artistic transgressions and clandestine explorations of urban space, views from subterranean tunnels and canals, a house of cards as a construction site archive, vitreous security technologies, a pictorial piece of a border fence, improvised accommodations in living rooms, physical appropriations of public space, textile architectures, speculative narratives of the real estate market, ethnographic studies, delicate spatial collages and abstract pictorial spaces, testimonies to the urban landscape of Berlin. On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week 2022, the exhibition »Transgressive« is dedicated to the most diverse positions of contemporary international Berlin-based cultural producers, who are characterized by a cross-border approach to art and the city. All participants have in common a self-determined and subversive approach to urban space. From graffiti to cruising and queer spaces within the city, and from temporary architectures to forms of social activism, many of the works shown here find their origin in often unauthorized and sometimes even illegal urban practices. Over 40 participating artists from the visual and performing arts, architecture, and urban research will present a wide variety of anti-disciplinary artistic practices across three floors of the Kühlhaus Berlin – in media as diverse as painting, collage, sculpture, installation, film, photography, and performance. In their creative process, they all enter into close connections with the city, allowing the city to appear as the point of departure of their works.

Among the participating artists are Akim, Clemens Behr, Ulrike Bernard, Rafaella Braga, Thomas Bratzke, Markus Butkereit, Boris D94, DIAMONDS, Brad Downey, Larissa Fassler, Anna Fiedler, Carolin Genz, Guerilla Architects, Jürgen Große, Marie Grunwald, Vincent Grunwald, Alice Hauck, Anna Herms, Wilhelm Klotzek, Fabian Knecht, Jeewi Lee, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Mischa Leinkauf, Markus Mai, Kadir „Amigo“ Memiş, Adrian Nabi, Jana Sophia Nolle, Pigenius Cave, Poligonal. Büro für Stadtvermittlung, Katya Quel, Susi Rosenbohm, Thomias Radin, Sandra Rummler, Christian Schellenberger, Gabi Schillig, Osif Seiksuh, Diana Sirianni, Ronny Sonnenberg, Studio Alibi, Birgit Szepanski, The Wa, Katharina Trudzinski, Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe, Raul Walch, Daniel Weißbach, Laila Wiens, Eric Winkler and Jazoo Yang.

The architectural firm Parasite 2.0 is responsible for the spatial and the designer and publisher Matthias Hübner for the graphic design of the exhibition. Thanks to an extensive supporting program of inspiring lectures, exciting discussions and performances, “Transgressive” will also become a place of participation and reflection, of contradictions and tensions. This is about producing knowledge about the dynamic evolution of strategies and tactics of urban practices in contemporary art discourse. A symposium will allow for the deepening and broadening of the content of the perspectives represented in the exhibition and the exploration of nonconformist approaches in artistic and scientific education. A one-day book fair allows participating artists and Berlin-based small publishers to present their books, catalogs, editions, magazines, and zines and to establish publishing as an artistic practice.

A memorial event dedicated to the legacy of deceased Berlin graffiti sprayers will initiate the development of a global archive of oral histories of contemporary witnesses. Detailed information will follow shortly.

The exhibition – realized with the kind support of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds – is curated by Lukas Feireiss.


Curated by: Lukas Feireiss & Backjumps Corner curated by Adrian Nabi
Exhibition designParasite 2.0
Fly PhotoBenjakon
DesignMatthias Hübner

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Programm Friday, 16. September 2022, 5–8 p.m. Symposium: TRANSGRESSIVE APPROACHES IN ART AND ACADEMIA with Prof. Lukas Feireiss, (Transdisciplinary Artistic Education, Universität der Künste Berlin), Prof. Benjamin Foerster-Baldinius (Cohabitation, Städelschule Frankfurt), Dr. Carolin Genz (Urban Ethnography Lab, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Prof. Gabi Schillig (Raumklasse, Universität der Künste Berlin), Joachim Spurloser & Stefan Wartenberg (Graffitimuseum Berlin), Jerszy Seymour (Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam).

Saturday, 17. September 2022, 12–6 p.m. Book Fair: WRITER’S CORNER with many participating artists and Berlin-based publishers such as Back-jumps, Distanz, Hitzerot, Overkill, Possible Books and presentations by Larissa Fassler, Stella Flatten, Birgit Szepanski, The Wa and others.

Sunday, 18. September 2022, 4–6 p.m. Memorial: THE ART OF MEMORIAL: TOD UND VERGÄNGLICHKEIT IN DER GRAFFITI KULTUR organized by Adrian Nabi mit / with Kulturelle Erben e.V. with contributions by Ruhi Baltrak (RB030), Giuseppe Flash Coppola, Kadir Amigo Memiş, Mode 2, Nevzat Akpınar and others.

Thursday, 22. September 2022, 6-8 p.m. Living Archive: CITY OF NAMES – VIDEO BENCH (jazzstylecorner) organized by Thomas Bratzke. Watching of unedited excerpts from an extensive video collection of the artistic construction project City of Names realized by the collective jazzstylecorner in 2005. Program of events is subject to changes. Further information for all events


Performance : They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)

Giuseppe Flash Coppola, Kadir Amigo Memiş, Nevzat Akpınar