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Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (premiere April 28th 2012 / HAU 2 )

SIDE BY SIDE FESTIVAL 2012 – nomination „Maktub“
PEARLS 2012 Films Festival Berlin DOCK11 „Maktub“

Kadir „Amigo“ Memis & Andrea Böge with their piece “Maktub” showcase a duet, the starting point of which is Hip Hop and which Böge blends with Flamenco, while Amigo (who was born in Turkey) virtuously combines it with Zeybek, a traditional Turkish dance form. Here, the question of cultural origins is elegantly posed through employing this very diverse dance forms. At the same time, the play is about the relation between woman and man

Premiere: April 28th 2012


Video by Rain Kencana 

DOP: Jalaludin Trautmann