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Setting out from his own biography, Amigo approaches a tradition from his birthplace and cultural origin, which is unknown in Western Europe. Travelling to Turkey, he was able to learn from the masters of the Zeybek rite. This traditional dance of the Zeybeks plays out as an allegory for his origins in a village of Western Anatolia, while Hip Hop stands for his identity within Berlin’s urbanity.
Within his first full-length piece, Zeybreak, Amigo merges these two dance styles – including all their similarities and differences – to create a new style: “Zeybreak”.

Together with his alter ego, Yavuz Topuz alias “Risc One”, he shows his inner turmoil, as well as his newly gained identity. Both parts together have equally contributed to the formation of something new.

This hybrid and intermediate space is interpreted by the compositions of Saz-virtuoso Nevzat Akpinar. Building on both European and Anatolian musical traditions, Akpinar lets the rhythmic structures of Zeybek and Hip Hop melt into one: century-old musical measures and counts meet urban beats.

Choreography: Kadir „Amigo“ Memis
Composition: Nevzat Akpinar
Dramaturgy: Zula Lemes
Stage design: Justus Saretz
Visual Concept: Rain Kencana
Light design: Roger Irmann
Costumes: Monique van den Bulck
Advisor: Tuncay Kulaoglu

Curator: Shermin Langhoff

Premiere at Ballhausnaunynstrasse on January 1st 2009 

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Fotos: Dietmar Raiff

Cover Foto: Ute Langkafel MAI.FOTO