Bleib aufm Teppich 2


19 vorrätig

Berlin  ∣   2022


Bleib aufm Teppich with Calligraphy

In Anatolia, a carpet is regarded as a kind of letter carrier of the stories of a region. If injustice is addressed, a connection is established with field letters. The injustice of political/social problems or personal experiences on society and the individual is recorded and protected from being forgotten and published. This coding on colours forms the symbols woven by women into the mosaic of the message.

Bleib auf dem Teppich: Keeping on the carpet. (Meanings: colloquial: sticking to the facts, not exaggerating.)


  • edition of 20 
  • 300 g/qm Hahnemühle paper
  • 70 x 50 cm
  • 4 layers screen print
  • dance Calligraphy and a orange dot
  • yellow – red – brown – black
  • hand-signed and punched
  • Price is without frame and shipping costs.



Sculpture of the rug made by hand without helping material. Foto by Graz Diez. 

Printed at Printshop Union Berlin by printing-monkey

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